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These Five Points Should Pay Attention To The Use Of Aluminum Alloy Die-casting Molds.
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Special attention should be paid to the following points during the use of aluminum alloy die-casting molds:

1. It is very troublesome to clean the mold parting surface. It is easy to ignore. If the boss has a high starting point and buy a good mold, it will be much easier to work. If the mold quality is not good, the production will be poor. When there is inevitably a flash or dirt on the mold parting surface, the operator should always clean these parts and equip with a small blade at any time. If the flash edge is not removed in time, the mold parting surface is easy to collapse, causing aluminum to run during the production process. Once this result is caused, no matter how good the mold repair expert, the possibility of complete repair is very small. It’s not that they don’t have the skills. The consequences of running aluminum have not only increased the cost of die casting, but also the waste of white aluminum, the quality of the products is also unstable, especially the internal quality, and the difficulty of determining the process parameters is increased. The qualification rate will drop a lot. From the perspective of safety, Increased the chance of a work-related injury. At the time of handover, the operator applies kerosene to completely clean the mold parting surface, which not only prevents the mold from being crushed, but also cleans the platoon of the mold which is blocked by the residue or other dirt of the mold release agent. The gas trough is opened, which is conducive to the gas discharge in the cavity during the injection process to improve the quality of the product. It is advisable to clean the parting surface twice in one shift. Let employees develop a good habit.

2. When each team takes over, in accordance with the company's "Mold Checklist" to do a serious inspection, find problems in a timely manner, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble for themselves. 

3.Use of mold cooling system. Mold cooling water not only prolongs the service life of the mold but also improves production efficiency when used correctly. In actual production, we often overlook the importance of it, the operators also save trouble, pick up and take too much trouble, do not pick up the cooling water pipe, and some companies even do not cool in order to save costs when customizing the mold Water, which has serious consequences. The material of the mold is generally made of special mold steel through various treatments. Even the best mold steel has the limit of their use, such as temperature. When the mold is in use, if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to cause cracks on the surface of the core early, and some molds may even appear in a large area without exceeding 2000 mold cracks. Even in the production of molds, because the mold temperature is too high, the core has changed color, and even after measuring more than four hundred degrees, such a temperature is prone to cracks in the state of release agent chilling, and the products are produced. It is also prone to deformation, strain, and sticking. In the case of using mold cooling water, the use of the release agent can be greatly reduced, so that the operator does not use the release agent to lower the temperature of the mold. The utility model has the advantages of effectively extending the life of the mold, saving the die casting cycle, improving the product quality, reducing the occurrence of sticking and straining and sticking aluminum, and reducing the use of the release agent. It also reduces the loss of the ram and core due to overheating of the mold temperature. 

4.The mold must be preheated in the process of starting the production to prevent the sudden occurrence of hot metal liquid in the cold mold and the occurrence of cracks in the turtle. The more complicated mold can use the blowtorch, liquefied gas, and good condition. With a mold temperature machine, a relatively simple mold can be preheated with a slow injection. 

5.If the mold is equipped with neutron control, it is absolutely forbidden to connect the signal line between the die casting machine and the mold. The reason is very clear. In daily production, it is difficult to avoid water on the signal line, or the joint is wrapped. The place is easy to break, which causes short circuit connection with the machine tool. If the signal is wrong, the alarm will automatically stop the error time, and the signal will be disordered and the mold will be broken. Cause unnecessary losses. The travel switch is waterproof.