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Foreign Trade Clerk
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Salary:4000-8000          Minimum education:College          Age:25-35          Working years: more than 2 year          Language: English proficiency
Work address: Huali De Hardware Products Factory, Jintao Industrial Park, Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province

Job description:
1. Has more than 2 years of working experience in the hardware industry, and has experience in foreign trade work; 2. Has strong ability to withstand, a certain ability to express, communicate and write;
3. Familiar with the business operation and marketing management of international trade; 4. Familiar with the operation of computer office software; 5. Good overall awareness and teamwork spirit, stressing efficiency, strong sense of responsibility, and willing to accept challenges;
6. College English 4, with strong English communication skills; 7. Male or female.

Remarks: If you are interested, please get in touch with our company; if you have contacted the interview, please come to our company for an interview according to the agreed time, if you are the one!